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      The outstanding feature of self – Realization, Fellowship (satsanga society) is that it teaches you ‘how to know the Truth through actual experience.’ Truth is not truth to you, unless you realize them within  yourself. Without realization they are just ideas. This is why before spiritual development (self knowledge or awakening) comes, individuals and nation too, go through roots of spiritual suspicion;
     what is spirituality? The spiritual word has been developed from word spirit which means (The general atmosphere of a place or situation Or A fundamental) emotional and activating principle determining one’s character Or The state of a person’s emotions (especially with regard to pleasure or dejection) Or The intended meaning of a communication with animation and energy in action Or expression. Or The vital principle or animating force within living things).
        Why it is necessary? will it really make me happier ? what is then truth ? The doubt is removed only by realization. So the best laboratory in which, to test truth is your ‘own self- realization’, for spiritual perception, spiritual consciousness, lies not in vague theological ideas, but in the acquisition of self-realization. Individual knowledge and the knowledge of nations (or the world) can be tested by this criterion.
        The word “truth” has been so abused that it has come to mean most anything one wants it to, especially when used to connote spiritual ideas. In every day living, ‘truth is a consciousness that is guided by spiritual wisdom,’ which propels us to do certain things, not because anybody says to, but because they are right.
        Any group or individual cannot monopolise truth. Every human being has a right to express truth within his own life. Its expressions may be various, but its substance will ever be one and the same. This is what makes it so interesting. Truth cannot be circumscribed. It is eternal. It will keep on manifestation eternally, through cosmic law and through enlightenment of human beings, whether or not majority of the world accepts it. Fortunately the cosmic absolutes are not dependent on man’s belief and sanction. Consciousness means the use of super wisdom, i.e. the Truth, to do the things that are in benefit to you and others as well.


       The word ‘Nam’ is derived from the Sanskrit Naman which means the practice of remembrance. It is a word used to describe the spiritual manifestations of God i.e. His Holy spirit. So the remembrance of God - Nam Marg is the essence of Sikhism. The repetition of the Sikh mantra “Waheguru” is an invocation of this Holy Spirit. Life without “The Name” or “The Word”, or nam simran (The remembrance of “The Name”, invoking the Holy Spirit) is barren and meaningless. “The Name” alone brings true peace of mind. The obstacles to “The Name” are worldly thoughts, sleep and occult powers.
       “The Name” is inside every individual. The Guru reveals it to the devotee. The devotee does his normal duties with hands and feet, but he keeps his conscious mind in tune with His Lord. Some men practice “The Name” with the regulation of breath; they utter ‘Wah’ with inhalation and ‘Guru’ with exhalation. But this reflects individual convenience.
       “The Name” performs three functions - It is purgative for the  removal of evil; It is illuminative, because it gives us knowledge of “The Truth”, Beauty and Goodness; It is unitive since it may bring one in tune with God. The remembrance is three-fold: with words, with the mind and with action. The repetition of Gurbani helps the mind to concentrate on God. It is food for the soul.
       The technique of “The Name” follows certain phases - first the  repetition of “The Nam”: Wahguru by mouth; secondly, the percolation of “The Name” into the mind, (mental remembrance); thirdly, the longing for God like a lover waiting for his beloved; fourthly the awareness of God every-where; then finally, the ultimate union with Him.
       Sikhism recommends the following plan as the easiest way to practice “Nam marg”. Get up early morning and meditate during the ambrosial hours of the dawn. Avoid idleness and the five great vices. Seek the  company of holy men, this is a great help to meditation. Try to maintain strict moral conduct, this too, helps you to a spiritual plan. Even then Divine Grace is necessary for the practice in humility of Nam Simran.
       “The Name”, apart from meditative aspect also means the “All     pervading Spirit”. The entire world depends on “The Name” - God’s own Holy Spirit. Therefore, to meditate on ‘Nam’, is to practice the presence of God by keeping Him ever in one’s mind as also by singing His praises or dwelling on His excellences. From this may come the feelings of wonder and bliss.

sat\ ka Aqa- Aist%va AaOr sa%ya ka Aqa- p`maaNa haota hO.

       mahamaanava bauw nao sa%ya kao pirBaaiYat krto hue kha hO ik “maOnao kh idyaa hO yaa iksaI ga`nqa maoM ilaKa gayaa hO  [sailae ]sao sa%ya mat maanaao. bailk ]sao samaJaaoÊ prKao AaOr yaid vah sa%ya ko ksaaOTI maoM Kra ]trta hO tba ]sao sa%ya maanaao.” yah kao[- ja$rI nahIM ik jaao Aaja sa%ya hO, vah kla BaI ]saI trh sa%ya haogaa. isqait AaOr pirisqait ko Anau$p $pÊ rMgaÊ ganQaÊ svaad Aaid gauNa badlato rhto hO. k[- kccaa fla p`arMBa maoM kD,uAa haota hOÊ qaaoD,a baD,a haonao pr K+a hao jaata hO AaOr pk kr vahI maIza hao jaata hO. ima+I sao kccaa [-T banata hO,Ê Aaga maoM pk kr laala hao  vahI  [-MT bana jaata hO. imaT\TI ko bat-naÊ iKlaaOnao [saI trh banato hO AaOr ]saka $pÊ rMga badla kr naama BaI badla jaata hO.
saRiYT ko inamaa-Na maoM caar t%vaaoM ka samaavaoSa imalata hO QartI, panaI, Aaga AaOr hvaa hI p`mauK hO. vaOidk ga`nqaaoM ko Anausaar paMca t%va kha gayaa hO ³ixaitÊ jalaÊ pavakÊ gaganaÊ samaIra. paMca t%va imalaI rcaO SarIra.´ vaOidk matanausaar AakaSa kao ek t%va maanaa hO jabaik AakaSa SaUnya hO AaOr SaUnya kao[- t%va nahIM varna\ sqaana-  dSa-k Baava hO. jaOsao AnQakar, ]jaalaa Aaid raoSanaI ko isqait– pirisqait ka ek Baava hO. saaro BaaOitk t%va SaUnya maoM isqat hO. isawaqa- gaaOtma bauw nao caar Aaya- sa%ya kha hO “ d:uK hOÊ du:K ka hotu ³samaudya)Ê d:uK ka inaraoQa ³ivanaaSa´ hO, AaOr d:uK inaraoQak maaga-. jaao Qama-³vastueM yaa GaTnaae´ hOÊ vah saba hotu ³karNa´ sao ]%pnna haoto hOM At: duK ka ivanaaSa BaI hotu ko inaraoQa sao saMBava hO.”

p`maaNa : sa%ya kao samaJanao ko ilae p`maaNa ja$rI hO. saccao &ana tk phu^canao ko trIko kao p`maaNa kha jaata hO. p`maaNa caar trh ko maanao gayao hOM. p`%yaxaÊ Anaumaana ]pmaa AaOr Sabd yao caar p`maaNa maanato hO. [sako Alaavaa kuC laaoga [ithasa Aqaa-pi<a ³Aqa- sao hI ijasakao isaw samaJaa jaayao – jaOsao vah idna maoM nahIM Kata Aqaa-t vah rat maoM Kata hO´ samBava AaOr ABaava ³jaOsao GaD,o ko sToMD yaa irMga maoM GaD,o ka nahIM haonaa ]sako ABaava kao isaw krta hO´ kao BaI p`maaNa ka AaQaar maanaa hO.
p`%yaxa p`maaNa : [ind`ya AaOr ivaYaya ko saMyaaoga sao ]%pnna &ana kao p`%yaxa p`maaNa khto hO jaao hmaoM ]sa vastu yaa ivaYaya ko baaro maoM jaananao Aqavaa samaJanao maoM madd krta hO.
Anaumaana p`maaNa : Anaumaana vah hO jaao ik p`%yaxa pUva-k haota hO Aqaa-t jaha^ kuC p`%yaxa haonao pr baakI kaya- ko haonao ka &ana haota hO. jaOsao Qaue^ sao Aaga ka Anaumaana lagaanaa yaa baf- sao panaI ka haonaa. [samaMo pUva-vat\ ­Aqaa-t karNa sao kaya- ka Anaumaana, jaOsao icaMTI ko ]znao sao vaYaa- ka Anaum,aana lagaanaa AaOr SaoYavat\­Aqaa-t baaZ, sao }pr vaRiYT haonao ka Anaumaana lagaanaa AaidÊ saamaanyat: Anaumaana p`maaNa ko laxaNa hOM.
]pmaana p`maaNa : p`isaw vastu kI samaanata ³yaa saamaanaantr gauNa´ sao iksaI saaQya pdaqa- kI isaw krnao kao ]pmaana p`maaNa khto hOM. jaOsao gaaya ek laaok ip`ya jaanavar hO ]sakI tulanaa jaMgala ko iksaI naIlagaaya sao ikyaa jaanaa ]pmaana p`maaNa hO Aqaa-t ]pmaa dokr samaana gauNa dSa-k vastu sao tulanaa krnaa.
Sabd p`maaNa : AaPt­ yaqaa-qa­va@ta ³sa%yavaadI´ ko ]pdoSa kao Sabd p`maaNa khto hO. jaOsao gau$ GaasaIdasa ko AmarvaaNaI “manaKo­manaKo ek samaana” Aaid Sabd p`maaNa hOM.

       bauw ko baad sant kbaIr nao phlao baar sa%ya ko badlao satnaama kao p`mauKta sao ]pyaaoga ikyaa. ]nako Anausaar naama, $p, saM&a AaOr gauNa ko AaQaar pr satnaama­caotnaa hI jaIvana ka saar hO. caotnaa ko karNa hI jaIvana ka saMcaar samBava hO. caotnaa ko naYT haoto hI jaIvana³sqaUla SarIr´ naYT hao jaata hO. naama ko saaqa vahI caotnaaÊ vaaNaI ko $p maoM jaIvana pya-nt yaqaavat banaa rhta hO. kovala yah naSvar SarIr naYT haota hO. laoikna naama ko saaqa caotnaa yaa sat\kma- jauD, kr vaaNaI va ivacaaraoM ko maaQyama sao yaqaavat saMcaailat rhta hO. $p, saM&a AaOr gauNa ko AaQaar pr iksaI BaI t%va ka naama sa%ya hO. jaOsao laaoha, lakD,I, saaonaa, caaMdI Aaid khnao pr ]sa Qaatu ko $pÊ rMgaÊ gauNa AaOr saM&a ka baaoQa haota hO. ]saI trh satnaama khnao pr caotnaa ko ]sa str ka baaoQa haota hO jaao sa%ya pr Eawa rKnao vaalaa maanavatavaadI Sauw ivacaar ka saUcak hO.

       gau$ GaasaIdasa jaI ka satnaama isaKaoM kI trh ek eosaI ivacaarQaara hO jaao vaO&ainak dRiYTkaoNa sao svayaM isaw haota hO. sat\ kao[- klpnaa ka ivaYaya nahIM varna\ yah Sauw AnauBava evaM vyavahar ka ivaYaya hO. sa%ya kao phlao jaanaaoÊ phcaanaaoÊ tba maanaao. sa%ya ko ilae kovala &ana pUNa- nahIM haota Aiptu ]sakI ‘prK’ BaI ja$rI hO. prK ko saaqa tk- ko AaQaar pr sa%yaapna BaI AavaSyak hO tba khIM sa%ya p`maaiNat haota hO. kovala iksaI ga`nqa maoM ilaK donao yaa iksaI mahana vyai@t ko kh donao maa~ sao kao[- sa%ya p`maaiNat nahIM hao jaata .
        satnaama kao gau$ GaasaIdasa nao caotnaa kha hO. naama $p gauNa AaOr saM&a ko AaQaar pr [saI caotnaa kao satnaama kha hO. Aaidmaanava kala sao caotnaa ko karNa hI vat-maana maanava samaaja kI rcanaa saMBava hao sakI hO. saMskRit evaM saByata ka ivakasa saamaaijak caotnaa ka pirNaama hO. caotnaa EaRiYT kark (constructive force) hO.

       maanavaIya caotnaa ka svaaBaaivak p`vaah p`aya: baihmau-KI haota hO. manauYya dao p`kar ko saMsaar maoM jaIta hO,

phlaa vaa*ya saMsaar dUsara AMt: saMsaar.

caotnaa ­ AMt: mana sao pOda haotI hO AaOr vaa*ya saMsaar maoM AiBavya@t haotI hO. manauYya ko pasa ApnaI caotnaa kao AiBavya@t krnao ko vaastva maoM dao maaQyama hO [ind`yaa^ AaOr mana. [ind`yaa^ vaa*ya jagat kao doKtI hO. AaMKoM­baahrI $paoM kao doKtI hOM. kana ­vaa*ya SabdaoM kao saunata hO. naaisaka­baahrI gaMQa kao ga`hNa ³saUMGatI´ krtI hO. ija*vaa ­ vaa*ya pdaqaao-M ka rsaasvaadna krtI hO. Anya spSa-oid`yaa^ jaOsao %vacaa evaM SarIr ka Anya Baaga BaI baahrI spSa- ka AnauBava krtI hO. [saI p`kar mana kI phu^ca BaI baihja-gat tk hI hO.
       [na tmaama baataoM sao eosaa lagata hO, ik manauYya ka pircaya vaa*ya jagat sao hI AiQak hO. ifr BaI yah nahIM kha jaa sakta ik manauYya saMpUNa- vaa*ya jagat sao pUNa-t: piricat hO. vaastva maoM doKa jaaya tao vaa*ya jagat sao qaaoD,a bahut piricat hO BaI, laoikna AMtr– jagat sao vah piricat hO hI nahIM. AMtr –jagat sao piricat haonaa saMBava BaI nahIM hO. @yaaoMik [ind`yaa^ AaOr mana ko str pr jaInao vaalaa kao[- BaI p`aNaI saaQaarNat: AMtja-gat kI jaanakarI kOsao kr sakta hO.
AMtja-gat sao piricat haonao ka phlaa carNaÊ caotnaa kI Antmau-Kta hO. caotnaa ka Aqa- hO Antma-na kI jaagaRit. jaba tk manauYya ka Antma-na jaagaRt nahIM haota tba tk vah AcCo­bauro kaya- ko Antr kao samaJa nahIM sakta. ]namaoM Baod spYT nahIM kr sakta. jaOsao AbaaoQa baalak Aaga kI tap³tipSa´ kao Cue bagaOr nahIM samaJa sakta. laoikna ek baar CU laonao ko baad, dubaara Apnaa haqa Aaga ko pasa lao jaanao sao BaI DrogaaÊ ijasao hma vyavahairk AnauBava khto hOM. AnauBava ko AaQaar pr mana maoM ek Cap yaa p`itibamba bana jaata hO. yahI Aagao kaya- ko ilae ek AaQaar bana jaata hO.
       ijasa xaNa [ind`yaaoM ka vaa*ya jagat sao sampk- nahIM rhta ‘mana’ klpÊ ivaklp va saMklpaoM ko jaala sao mau@t haokr koind`t hao jaata hO. ]sa samaya caotnaa kI riSmayaa^ BaItr kI yaa~a Sau$ kr dotI hO. baahrI inaiYËyataÊ BaItrI saiËyata kao janma dotI hO. caotnaa ka BaItr maoM saiËya haonaa hI Antmau-Kta hO.
       manauYya jaba iksaI pdaqa- ko p`it tnmaya yaa ekaga`ica<a haota hOÊ tba ]sako  klp –ivaklp– saMklp baZ,to hOM. laoikna yaid ]sa pdaqa- ko p`it ]sakI kao[- p`itbawta na hao, tao ]sao ivaklpaoM kao ]Baarnao ka AvakaSa hI nahIM imalata. jaba AadmaI iksaI ³ivaYaya´ ko saaqa baMQata hO tba vah baocaOnaI kao inamaM~Na dota hO. Balao hI manauYya [sa baat kao jaanata hao, ik vah ijasasao baMQa rha hO, ijasasao ]sakao maui@t nahIM imalaogaI. jaba tk [na baMQanaaoM sao ivari@t nahIM haotI, vah ]sa AnaubaMQa sao mau@t nahIM hao pata. ]sao SaaMit nahIM imala saktI.
kuC laaogaaoM nao sat\ –icat\ –Aanand kao saiccadanaMd svaamaI kh kr vaa*ya Sai@t ka $p ³Bagavaana´ batakr laaogaaoM kao Ba`imat ikyaa hO. yah sat\ icat\ Aanand Aapko Apnao BaItr iCpI hu[- vah Sai@t hO jaao ‘sat\ yaa sa%ya’ pr AaQaairt ‘icat\ Aqaa-t mana’ ko Aanand kI isqait kao dSaa-tI hO. jaba ³icat\´ manaÊ sat\ kao AaMdaoilat krta hO tba Aanand kI AnauBaUit haotI hO. yahI saiccadanaMd Aapko Apnao BaItr kI Sai@t hO. icat\ ka caotnaa sao gahra saMbaMQa hO. ]sa caotna– Sai@t kao jaagaRt ³Aandaoilat´ krnao pr [sa Aanand kI AnauBauit Aap svayaM kr sakto hO. yah saiccadanaMd iksaI maindr maoM isqat p%qar kI maUrt maoM nahIM varna\ Aapko Apnao BaItr kI iCpI hu[- vah Sai@t hO, ijasao gau$ GaasaIdasa jaI nao kha Apna GaT hI ko dova laa manaabaao   , , maindrvaa ma ka kro jaabaao.
        gau$ GaasaIdasa jaI nao Apnao BaItr kI sausaPt caotnaa kao jaagaRt krnao pr jaaor idyaa AaOr samaaja kao $iZ,vaadI – AMQaivaSvaasa sao dUr rhnao kI salaah dI. vaa*ya– AaDMbar evaM $Z,Ivaad AaQaairt kalpinak duinayaa sao samaaja kao hTa kr vyavahairk evaM vaastivak duinayaa kI Aaor maaoD,a. yahI ‘satnaama pqa’ hO.
       “sa%ya hI caotnaa hO AaOr caotnaa hI sa%ya hO. [sailae satnaama hI jaIvana ka saar hO.”

satnaamaI saotu jagajaIvanadasa saahoba : naama saaQanaa
mahMt Da^º kRYNaakaOla dasaÊ ema eÊ baI eDÊ saaih%yar%naÊ pI eca DI vaata-kar AakaSavaaNaI
satnaama AaEama nasaIrpur iCtaOnaI ]marIjalaala AmbaoDkrnagar ³]º p`º´
faona naMº 05274 – 274957Ê maaoº 09415600419

satnaamaI sant jagajaIvanadasa saahoba ka AaivaBaa-va ]sa samaya huAa jaba yavana Saasana kI Arajakta carmasaImaa pr phu^ca caukI qaI. vaa*yaaDMbar maoM fMsakr Qama- ko naama pr laaoga prspr saMGaYa-rt qao. eosao ivaYama pirisqait sao maui@t hotu inagau-Na pMqaI santaoM nao mah%vapUNa- kaya- ikyaa. satmat ko p`vat-k kbaIrÊ naanakÊ saundrdasaÊ malaUkdasaÊ carNadasaÊ diryaaWÊ maaohnaSaahÊ AhmakSaahÊ baavarI saaihbaaÊ yaarI saahbaÊ gaulaala saahbaÊ BaIKadasaÊ gaaoivand saahbaÊ plaTU saahbaÊ Aaid santaoM nao naamaaopaasanaa kao Bai@t ka EaoYz saaQanaa maanaa.
satmat ko puraoQaa kbaIr nao kha hO ik saaQanaa ko baa*ya AaDMbar sabaMiQat ]paya duKdayak hO. At: manaÊ vaaNaI AaOr kma- sao naama smarNa krnaa saaQak ko ilae AavaSyak hO @yaaoMik yahI Bai@t ka maUla t%va hO.
       Bagait Bajana hir naava hOÊ dUjaa du@K Apar.
       manasaaÊ vaacaaÊ kma-naaÊ kbaIr sauimarna saar.. ³kbaIr ga`nqaavalaI gau$dova kI AMga saaKI 4´
kbaIr kI dRiYT maoM naama maoM AazaoM isaiwyaa^ AaOr navaaoinaiwyaa^ ivaVmaana hO.
       Aaz isaiw nava inaiQa naaMva maJaair.
       khO kbaIr Baija carna maurair..     ³vahI rmaOnaI pd 123´
Anya santaoM kI Baa^it satnaamaI samp`daya ko p`vat-k jagajaIvanadasa saahba nao BaI AvaQa maoM naamaaopasanaa kI jyaaoit jalaa[- qaI. ]nakI dRiYT maoM danaÊ puNyaÊ tpsyaaÊ va`tÊ ya&aid kma-kaND naama smarNa kI tulanaa maoM nagaNya hO.
       kaoiT jagya tp kirih bahuÊ ivaiQa naama sama kCu tulaO nahIM.
       saao ivacaar ike] mana mah^Ê saao[- sauimarhu mana maaihM..    ³AGa ivanaasa´
       dana puNya tIrqa va`t naoma sakla sabaO ibasaravaO.
       *vaO inahSaMk AMk du[- Axar saao p`tIt ijaya laavaO..    ³Sabd saagar´
Aapka maananaa hO ik hYa- Saaok sao dUr rhkr naama – smarNa krnao sao maanava janma –janmaantr ka pap naYT hao jaata hO.
       mana hz kirkO p`Iit lagaavaihM. hYa- saaok tija naamaihM gaavaihM..
       toihto AMtr hao[- imalaapU. janma janma maoTihM papU..     ³AGa ivanaasa´

jagajaIvana saahba ka khnaa qaa ik naama– smarNa ko ibanaa jaIva ka ]war haonaa kizna hO. At: Ahina-Sa naama– smarNa krnaa caaihe –

       naama ibanau naihM kahuk inastara.
       jaaina prt hO &ana t%va maoM maO mana samauiJa ivacaara.
       kha Bae jala p`at Anhae kh Bae ikho Acaara.
       kah Bae maalaa pihro to kh idyao itlak ilalaara.
       kha Bae va`t Anna hI %yaagao kh ikyao dUQa Ahara..
       kha Bae pca Aigna ko tapo kah lagaayao Cara.
       kha ]Qa- mauK QaUma ko GaUTo kha laaona kir nyaara..
       kha Bae baOzo zaZ,O to kh AmaaOnaI ikho Amaara.
       kh pMiDta[- kh bakta[[- kh bahu &ana pukara..
       ga`hina %yaagaI kha banavaasaa kh Bayao tna mana maara.
       p`Iit ibahUna hIna hO saba kCu BaUlaa saba saMsaara..
       maMidla rhO khM naihM QaavaO Ajapa japO AQaUra.
       gagana maNDla Baaina bariYa doiK Civa saao hO sabato nyaara..
       jaoih ivaSvaasa tha^ laO laagaI toih tsa basa saMvaara.
       jagajaIvanadasa gau$ carna SaISa Qair CaoD\yaao Ba``ma ka jaara..   ³Sabd saagar´

saahba ka kqana hO ik saMsaar naSvar hO tqaa [samaoM kao[- iksaI ka nahIM. ek idna saba laaoga ibaCuD, jaayaoMgaoÊ maala– KjaanaaÊ gajaÊ GaaoD,a saba CUT jaata hO. At : ]nakI dRiYT maoM naama smarNa maoM hI mana lagaanaa Eaoyaskr hO.
       naama sauimair mana baavaro kaho ifrt Baulaanaa hao.
      ima+I ka banaa pUtlaa panaI ko saMga saanaa hao..
       [k idna hMsaa caila basyaaoÊ Gar baar ibaranaa hao.
        inaisa AMiQayaarI kaozrI dUjao idyaa na baatI hao.
       baa^h pkir jama laO calyaao kao[- saMga na saaqaI hao.
       gaja rqa GaaoD,a palakI A$ sakala samaajaa hao.
       [k idna tija caila jaayaoMgao ranaI AaOr rajaa hao.
       maat ipta BaganaI Baa[- saut iht kuTUmba sauK baama.
       eih Aasaa JaUzo pir BaUlao kao] naihM Aayaao kama.

jagajaIvana saahba ko matanausaar naamaaopasak pu~ saupu~ hOM @yaaoMik ]nako naama smarNa sao pirvaar ko saBaI laaogaaoM ka inastar hao jaata hO. ]nakI dRiYT maoM –
       saut hO saupu~ naama ijanh maahIÊ itnh pirvaar kuTumba tir jaahIM..    ³AGa ivanaasa´

Aapka dRZ, ivaSvaasa hO ik naama smarNa sao jaIva maaoh maayaa sao CUTkara pa jaata hO tqaa Ba`maid sao mau@t hao jaata hO. yaqaa –
       maaoh maayaa mana baMQaa CUTO ik naihM ]pa[.
       jagajaIvadasa saba CUTo rho naama sarnaa[..
       taihM ka duK saMkT naihM hao[-.
       jaao idZ, naama BajaO mana kao[-..         ³AGa ivanaasa´

naama ]pasanaa hI Bava par haonao ka sabasao sahja ]paya hO –
       Asa BaaO saagar Agama saaQaao krhu ivacaar.
       saukRt naama gahaO mana ]trhu saagar par..   &ana p``kaSa

Aapka pUNa- ivaSvaasa hO ik naama ]pasak ko inama-la hRdya maoM [-Svar ka vaasa rhta hO. At : saMsaar maoM eosao p`aNaI ko samaana Anya kao[- nahIM hO.
       [svar baasa tha^ saunau krhIM. jaao naamaihM ivasvaasaihM rhihM..
       toih samaana naihM kao] saMsaara. Jaih rsanaa hir naama AQaara..      ³AGa ivanaasa´

Aapka khnaa hO ik satnaama –smarNa krnao vaalao jaIva sava-EaoYz hOM –
       saao ]i%tma sabato AMiQayaara. sa%yanaama mana jaaih Aqaaraa..      ³AGa ivanaasa´

hr xaNa ]zto– baOztoÊ saaoto– jaagatoÊ naama– smarNa Ajapajaap ka sandoSa saMt kiva nao mau@t kMz sao p`dana ikyaa  hO.
       saaQaao naama ibasair naihM jaa[. saaovat jaagat baOzo zaZ,o saumarhu naama AQaar.. ³kkhranaamaa phlaa´
       Ajapa japu du[ Axar GaT maaÊ ijaByaa naihM  Daolaavahu ro.
       do] ]pdoSa maM~ yah saa^caaÊ saao[- mana ma^h gaavahu ro..

jagajaIvanadasa saahba nao baa*yaaDMbar kao %yaagakr naama smarNa pr bala idyaa hO. naama mah%va ka p`itpadna krto hue jagajaIvana saahba ka kqana [sa p`kar hO –
       kao[ gaRh tija bana maa^ikyao baasaÊ ibanaa naama saba KUsa Kasa.
       kao[ pMca Aigaina tip tna dhayaÊ kao[ ]Qa- baahu kr rho ]zaya.
       kao[ inaraQaar rih pvana AasaÊ ibanaa naama saba KUsa Kasa.
       kao[ dUQaaQaarI pr Qar ica%tÊ nagna rhO kao[ lakD,I ina%t.
       kao[ pavak saUrit kir inavaasaÊ ibanaa naama saba KUsa Kasa.
       kao[ ek Aasana kbahuÐ na DaolaÊ kao[ BavanaI *vaO kbahuÐ na baaola.
       kao[ gagana gaufa mahÐ ilaho baasaÊ ibanaa naama saba KUsa Kasa.
       kao[ inasa idna rihgaoJaUlaa JaUlaÊ kao[ svaaMsa baMd kir pkir maUla.
       jagajaIvana eknaama AQaarÊ naama naava caZ, ]tro par

inaYkYa-tÁ yah inaiva-vaad sava-ga`a( hO ik jagajaIvana saahba Wara inaid-YT pqa pr calakr maanava BaaOitk klah sao mau@t haokr AaQyaai%mak AanandanauBaUit krto hue Saaintmaya jaIvana krnao maoM safla hao sakta hO.

iTPpNaI : ³Wara TIº Aarº KunTo´

AaiKr naama @yaa hO AaOr kaOna saa naama smarNa krto rhnaa hO. @yaa vah Ajapa hO Aqavaa japna yaaogya hO hmaoM zIk sao samaJanaa haogaa. naama saM&a vaacak hO jaao $pÊ gauNa va Qama- ³svaBaava´ inaiht hO. yaha^ pr laoKk nao satnaama kao hI naama kha hO jaana p`tIt haota hO.

Aba hma kbaIr kI Aaor mauD,to hOM tao kbaIr nao janata kao Aagaah krto hue kha ik r+U taota mat bana kovala naama rT laonao sao tumhara klyaaNa nahIM haonao vaalaa. naama kao vyavahar maoM laaAao yahI saccaa man~ hO. At: ]nhaoMnao sacaot krto hue kha ik –
       piNDt baad bado saao JaUza.
       rama ko kho jagat gait pavaOÊ Ka^D, khO mauK maIza.  ³Ka^D, Aqaa-t Sa@kr yaa maIza vastu´
       pavak khO pa^va jaao DahOÊ jala khO tRYaa bauJaa[-.
       Baaojana khO BaUK jaao BaagaOÊ tao duinayaa tir jaa[-..
       nar ko saMga sauAa hir baaolaOÊ hir prtap na jaanaO.     ³sauAa Aqaa-t taota´
       jaao kbaihM ]iD, jaaya jaMgala maoMÊ tao hir saurit na laavaO..
       ibanau doKo ibanau Asa- – psa- ibanauÊ naama ilae @yaa hao[-.    ³Asa—psa- Aqaa-t AnauBava´
       Qana ko khO Qainak jaao haovaOÊ inaQa-na rhO na kao[-..
       saa^caI p`Iit ivaYaya maayaa saaoÊ hir Ba@tna kao fa^saI.
       satgau$ khihM ek rama Bajao ibanauÊ baaMQao yamapur jaasaI..

kuC pMiDt laaoga bahsa kr rho qaoÊ ik rama naama khnao maa~ sao jaIva ka maaoxa hao jaayaogaa. tao kbaIr saahba nao pMiDtaoM kao do lalakaraÊ AaOr ]nasao kha – yao tumharI baatoM saba JaUzI hOM. JaUz kao JaUz khnao maoM kbaIr kBaI nahIM Dro. vao jaao kuC p`itpaidt krto qaoÊ vah Kra sa%ya rhta qaa. vao ApnaI baat kao isaw krto hue khto hOM ik yaid rama khnao sao Bai@t haogaa tao Sa@kr khnao sao mau^h maIza haonaa caaihe. laoikna eosaa nahIM haota hO. zIk [saI p`karAaga khnao sao pa^va garma nahIM haota. panaI khnao sao Pyaasa nahIM bauJatI AaOr Baaojana khnao sao BaUK nahI imaTta ifr rama rTnao sao maaoxa kOsao saMBava haogaa. yaid yah saba saMBava hao jaaya tao duinayaa ko saaro duK dUr hao jaayaoM. khnao maa~ sao AnauBava nahIM haota. ]nhaoMnao SarIrQaarI dsarqaI rama kao kBaI ]pasya nahIM maanaa. sant jagajaIvanadasa nao BaI rajakumaar dsarqaI rama kao ]pasya nahIM maanaa. ]nhaoMnao BaItr sao ]zIÊ Antr mana kI sajaIva Aavaaja kao rama khaÊ jaao mara nahIM bailk jaIvanadata hO. At: khnao maa~ sao AnauBava nahIM haotaÊ Anyaqaa Qana –Qana khnao sao laaoga Qanavaana bana jaato tao duinayaa sao garIbaI imaT jaatIÊ saMsaar maoM kao[- garIba nahIM haota. Aaja saMsaar ko ivaYayaaoM AaOr maayaa sao haid-k p`oma yaa Aasa@t haonaa – yahI hir Ba@taoM ko galao kI faMsaI hO.³Sai@tÊ Bai@t kO baaMiQaina maayaa.´ At: satgau$ khto hO ik Apnao Antr mana ko jaIivat ramaÊ jaao GaT GaT vaasaI hOÊ Bajao ibanaa tuma vaasanaaAaoM maoM baMQa kr yamapur Aqaa-t iGanaaOnao kma- maoM fMsao duK Baaogato rh jaaAaogao.

       caInh caInh ka gaavahu baaOroÊ baanaI prI na caInh.
       Aaid Ant ]%pit prlayaÊ AapUhI kih dInh.. ³rmaOnaI 4´
yao pgalaoÊ prKaoÊ prKaoÊ ibanaa prK ikyao vaaNaI kao @yaa gaato hao. tuma vaaNaIjaala kao prK nahIM sako.jagat ko Aaid –Ant tqaa ]%pi%t– p`laya kI baataoM maoM ]laJa gayao ijasakI tumnao Apnao Aap hI klpnaa kr krko kh DalaI hO. AaoMmaÊ saaohMÊ ramaÊ kRYNa Aaid manauYyaaoM Wara kilpt naama hO. [nako japaidÊ iksaI pirpaTI ko saaQak ko ilae saaQanaa maoM kuC dUr tk sahayak hao sakto hOMÊ prntu yao naama iksaI saaQak ka laxya nahIM hao sakto. sa%ya kI AnauBaUit kovala Baavanaa sao nahIMÊ varna baaoQa sao haotI hO. satmaaga- pr calanaa hI AsalaI naama japna hO. ]sa Ajapa kao @yaaoM jap rho hao jaao baahr yaha^ –vaha^ khIM nahIM hOÊ vah maui@tpqa nahIM hO.Ateva jaIva ka inajasva$p maoM isqat haonaa hI maaoxa hO AaOr mana kI banQanaaoMÊ Kasakr kamaÊ ËaoQa [-Yyaa-Ê WoYaÊ icantaÊ duK Aaid maayaavaI saaMsaar sao mau@t haonaa hI maui@tpqa hO. yaid japnaa hI hO tao satnaama ka AnauSarNa krao jaIvana kao Kasakr SaIlaÊ xamaaÊ k$NaaÊ dyaaÊ ivavaok va p`oma kao vyavahar maoM laaAao yahI SaaMitpqa hO.

jaao laaoga Apnao inaja caotna sva$p kao CaoD,kr Alaga ba`*ma Kaojato hO ]nasao sadgau$ pUCto hOM –
       baNa-hu kaOna $p AaOr roKa. dUsar kaOna Aaih jaao doKa..
       vaao AaoMkar Aaid naihM vaoda. takr khhu kaOna kula Baoda.. ³ A ] ma Sabd !kar´
       naihM taragaNa naihM riva canda. naihM kCu haoto ipta ko ibanda..
       naihM jala naihM qala naihM iqar pvanaa. kao Qaro naama hukuma kao barnaa..
       naihM kCu haoto idvasa inajau ratI. takr khhu kaOna kula jaait..
       SaUnya sahja mana saumairtoÊ p`gaT Ba[- ek jyaaot.
       taih pu$Ya kI maO bailaharIÊ inaralamba jaao haot..   ³rmaOnaI – 6´

 sadgau$ pUCto hOM tumharo maanao hue ba`*ma ka @yaa $p AaOr laxaNa hO. yaid ]saka kao[- baa*ya laxaNa hO tao vah BaaOitk hO AaOr vah yaid vah caotna maa~ hO tao vah maoro Apnao sva$p sao iBanna nahIM. yaid iBanna hO tao sajaait maa~ hO. eosaI dSaa maoM maorI isqait maoro Apnao caotna sva$p maoM hI haogaIÊ na ik Anya sajaait caotna maoM. hr halat maoM sva$p sao iBannaÊ sa%ya kao Kaojanaa ek Ba`ma hO. sadgau$ khto hOM ik yaid tuma Alaga ba`*ma Kaoja rho haoÊ tao dUsara kaOna hO jaao ]sao doK rKa hO AaOr tumhoM idKa dogaa. ]sa p`Nava ka maUla tao vaod BaI nahIM jaanato hOM bataAao ]saka sampUNa- rhsya @yaa hO. yah tao kovala BaTknao hI BaTknao hOM. jaba taragaNaÊ saUya-Ê cand`maaÊ ipta ko vaIya-Ê jalaÊ pRqvaIÊ AakaSaÊ vaayau Aaid kuC BaI nahIM qaoÊ ifr iksanao naama rKa AaOr [na sabakao ]%pnna haonao kI Aa&a dIÆ ijasa ba`*ma ko inaja sva$p maoM idna– rat va &ana– A&ana kuC nahIM qao. gauNa riht Aqaa-t inaga-uNa qao ]sako kula AaOr jaait Aqaa-t gauNaa%mak laxaNa @yaa vaNa-na krto haoÆ sahja mana sao smarNa krto hueÊ jaba saMklpaoM ka SaUnya%va ³ inaga`-nqa´ huAa tba hRdya maoM &ana –jyaaoit ³maanavaIya caotnaa´ p`gaT hu[-Ê maOM ]sa pu$Ya kI p`SaMsaa krta hU^ jaao AsaMga hao jaata hO.

satnaama sandoSa kI ivastRt jaanakarI ko ilae kRpyaa [na pRYTaoM pr i@lak kroM –

satnaamaI saMt jagajaIvanadasa kaoTvaa satnaamaQaama baarabaMkI ]º p`º kao saadr samaip-t