1. The author has this day donated towards corpus a sum of Rs. 1,000/- to be held upon the Trust together with all the income rising there from and all the accumulation and accretions thereto of the intent and purpose and objects herein contained:

2. The name of the Trust shall be


3. The office of the Trust shall be at any place in Delhi, Regd office at D-134, Kondli, Delhi-110096.
working office in NCR located at House no. A263, SECTOR -47 Noida 201301

Preamble: The "SATNAM WELFARE AND GURU GHASIDAS AWEKENING TRUST" believes that education is the basis of individual development and social development, under standing that education is the key to a safer, healthier and more prosperous worlds that basis learning is essential for economic, cultural and international development. The settler feels like establishing the trust for the development, establishment improvement, betterment, settlement and management of different educations programs relating to education, health, environment communication, rural development, social work, Science and technology, planning, entrepreneurship and development for better productivity efficiency, aggrandizement of mental power, rational thinking, etc. It is felt that adequate educational infrastructure means are not available to common people with the result that whole society is affected. at the same time it is being endeavored to impart pragmatic, rational, scientific, progressive education to the have-nots, dalits and other backward people and minorities, etc. The settler feels that correct and suitable education is the panacea for all miseries, superstition, false consciousness, exploitation, untouchability, hypocrisy inferiority completes and all kind of ignorance and suffering. Once true knowledge drawn upon any human being, he does not need any other kind of help because such person can overcome all kinds of problems and difficulties in and around him. In order to achieve these objectives, the institution, building is imminent in addition to other allied activities. This can also promote the teachings of right consciousness.


1. To establish Public Schools at various places in order to impart modern and useful education to children belonging to have-nots, Dalits and other backward castes. However, standardisation of schools would depend on areas and background of children from where they come but without compromise at the cost of education. 2. To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend grant, donate for and to aid in the establishment maintenance, improvement and extension of teaching primary schools, residential schools, high schools, Arts and Science College etc. to import knowledge and primary education in arts and science. 3. To institute studentship, scholarships, stipends, medals and prizes etc. to help and encourage deserving students and to provide monetary aid to students, scholars, teachers for pursuing their educational activities. 4. To organise, conduct, assist in the organising and conducting of lectures, seminars, symposia, exhibition regarding spreading of education, literacy, communal harmony and general awareness among the people so as to make them better and More useful citizens. 5. The "SATNAM WELFARE AND GURU GHASIDAS AWEKENING TRUST" would organise exams and other competitive activities whereby it will select the best talent available among socially and educationally backward society. The selected candidates would be given all facilities and guidance to carry out further stuff in India and abroad both. This help may be in the form of cash, coaching, and guidance etc. 6. To establish, maintain run, develop, improve, extend grant donate for and aid in the establishment maintenance improvement and extension of teaching Medical Colleges, Para Medical Colleges Nursing Colleges, Pharmacy Colleges so that such institutions could also serve the purpose of providing the requite clinical training necessary for the prosecution of medical studies and act as necessary adjuncts to medical education. 7. To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve extend, grant, donate for and to aid in the extension of teaching Engineering Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Architecture, and all other allied services and Engineering Colleges, other allied services and Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic Collages, Technical & Vocational Institutions, Training Centers etc. 8. Grant of endowments at Universities, Research Scientific institutions where now existing or hereinafter established for spread of education and knowledge in all fields or any branches of knowledge. 9. To make donations grants, loans and other aid to various branches of Public Schools and other like education, and public charitable institutions. 10. The trust will establish canteens for teachers training, refresher, courses, improvement course, coaching teachings, vertical and horizontal training and any other like activities which will aggrandize the powers of mind to enable it to spread education, knowledge and right consciousness. 11. To acquire immovable and movable properties and let out the surplus properties for furtherance of objectives of trust. 12. The Settler feels that increasing environmental pollution is causing great loss and in order to check it all kinds of possible means and methods will be used so that increasing pollution is arrested. 13. Majority of the population live in rural India and therefore, for the development of rural society, research, education and like activities would be instrumental in pursuing the objectives of the Trust. 14. As population and pollution are increasing, health of common people is deteriorating. To combat these problems, the Trust will run charitable hospitals, health camps and such other activities, which will upgrade consciousness for better health and family planning. 15. To foster the, fuse of human rights in every sphere as it is being frequently violated be it police atrocities or social discriminations, communal riots, caste discriminations etc. In order to preserve the human right of individual or public it shall be endeavored to use all Para for its restoration. 16. Looking at the employment problem, all possible training, guidance would be extended to encourage for self-employment and commercial Ventures etc. 17. To consciousness among deprived and have-not for their self-respect. 18. It is possible to adopt such other methods and means, which are not written for spreading the Education, right consciousness and for that matter achieving objectives of the Trust. 19. To propagate the philosophy of action, reason as against the philosophy of fatalism., in action and discrimination. 20. In order to educate the people about the reality of society, painting exhibitions, workshops, plays dramas and other electronic medias would be organized and used. To promote it, it can have its institutes or officer as per requirements. 21. The poor world is different from Hindu Society and it has been observed that there culture tradition, language and economy are being destroyed by outside influences, In order to preserve them, all possible educational programmer training and another required programmer will be taken up. 22. To provide relief for the poor, education, medical relief and the advancement of any other object of general public utility. 23. To promote the work of economic emancipation including entrepreneurship development and self-dependency especially for the weaker section of the society. 24. To provide / facilitate and create the interest of transportation to the weaker sections for their development. 25. To generate the awareness regarding mass media information and communication by publishing magazines, Pamphlets & newspapers. 26. To inquire and serve victims of natural calamities and man-made disasters independently or in co- ordinations with social, voluntary, Govt. quasi- Govt. or private organisations. 27. To work for ecological balance and environmental protection by promoting green field and development of trees plantations. Any incidental activities related to the objects of the trust will be taken up as when it is required.

In pursuance of the above object the trust may:

(a) Acquire by purchase, lease, mortgage, will, gift, grant, legacy, bequest, exchange, right privilege or otherwise from any person, company, society, Government, Institution, Organization or privilege or otherwise from any person, company society, Government, Institution, organization of anybody whatsoever, movable or immovable properties of all description deemed necessary or useful for any purpose of the Trust.

(b) Erect buildings or stricter, whatsoever to further any purpose of purposes of the Trust and to maintain, develop, improve., alter, repair, demolish or reconstruct the same or any portion thereof.

( c ) Take, or receive any gifts, whether money or property, movable immovable, donations in the form of debentures, stocks , shares or securities in any Company or Society whether incorporated or not or whether by gift by a person living or by legacy bequests, will or foundation connected there with and to take steps for the souring of such contributions for funds as from time to time be deemed expedient.

( d) Alienate by way of sale, mortgage, lease, release, loan charge, hypothecate, pledge exchange, hiring out , fit of properties or funds of the Trust or any portion of portions thereof including the making or giving of subscriptions, contributions, assistance pecuniary or otherwise to such institution, bodies or persons as from time to time deemed necessary or expedient.

( e )Land Money free of interest , invest, lay aside, deposit in Bank of otherwise deal with moneys of funds of the Trust not immediately required for the objects of the Trust and to subscribe or purchase acquire hold, sell, endorse and negotiate in debentures, stocks, shares and securities of every description in the money market, in -conformity with be provisions constrained in Section - 20 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882.

( f )Borrow or raise funds with or without security in any manner the trust may think fit and repay the same.

(g) Negotiate with and enter into arrangements, with any Government, Authority Corporation, Board University or other Public Bodies as May seem conducive to the promotion or accomplishment thereof & to obtain, collect, receive such grants, loans, allowances, rights, concessions and privileges as may seem to comply with the objects and utilise the same.

(h) In general to do or cause to be done apart from all the acts stated above, all such other acts or things as shall be conducive to the interests of the Trust provided such things or acts be not contrary to and nor inconsistent with the spirit and principles of law under which the trust has been established.


The Chairman shall have following powers

(a) To employ clerks and other employees, agents, bankers, lawyers, accountants, representatives and other on such remuneration's as he may think fit.

(b) To withdraw any power of revokes any appointment of any employee or person.

(c) To let any portion of any immovable property forming part of trust fund, at such rent or for such period and on such terms and conditions as he may think fit and accept the surrender of any lease.

(d) To invest trust moneys in fixed deposit with nationalized / non-nationalized banks, government securities and or any other investment.

(e) To convert, call in, sell or otherwise dispose of any of the investments comprised in the trust property and reinvest on change the nature of any other investment contained therein.

(f) To sell any movable properties belonging to the trust.

(g) To raise loans of mortgage of trust properties either movable or immovable and to execute necessary papers, documents in that behalf.

(h) To borrow funds with or without security of the property and for this purpose to mortgage, either movable or immovable, To appoint proxy or proxies, shareholders for voting any meeting of the creditors, contributors contributories, shareholders or otherwise.

(i) To establish or run trust and other institutions having objects of similar nature to that of this trust.

(j) To delegate any power as he can law fully delegate to any other person and to execute such powers as he may think fit for the purpose.

(k) The chairman will appoint or nominate directors or administrators or managers who will found, administer and run the Institutions, Public School and, in true, nominees shall have power to constitute the committee or management in carrying out the work of Institutions, public schools of any other activity assigned to them. At the time of appointment of necessary guidelines and instructions related to the object assigned to such nominees or authorized representatives or persons or whenever there are exigencies fresh or modified instructions shall be issued. The Chairman can delegate any power provided that powers delegated are not misused otherwise the same will be revocable at any stage.


1. The Trustees shall open bank accounts in the name. of the trust, therein deposit all money payable to and receivable by them by virtue of the presents and shall keep and maintain or shall cause to be kept and maintained proper books of accounts subject to audit by our chartered accountant.

2. The bank account in the name of trust will be operated under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

3. The office of Trustees will be honorary but they can be entitled to draw such allowances as is suitable and necessary of charging out their duties.

4. The trustee may reimburse themselves or pay and discharge out of the said trust properties all expenses incurred in or for the execution of the objects of the Trust and exercise of the powers vested in them.

5. The trustees are fully indemnified on their expenses and losses incurred or suffered or any payment made them in the administration of the trust. Such expenses, losses and payments shall be borne by the trust and none of the trustees shall be in any manner personally liable or responsible for the same.

6. All deeds and other documents to be executed by or on behalf of the trust shall be done by the Chairman or by the Managing Trustee of the trust and the trust may sue or be sued in the name of the Managing Trustee/ Chairman of the Trust.

7. The Trustee shall accept gifts and donations received money securities, instruments or otherwise acquire any other movable, immovable property for and on behalf of the trust.

8. The trustees may hold any of the properties of the trust for and on behalf of the trust in the name of the any one or some of them as may be decided by Chairman.

9. The Trustees will have power to amalgamate any other trust society and institution provided it fulfill the objects, the Trustees may also make arrangements or enter into co-operation with any other trust, institution or society having some of the similar objects as that of this trust.

10. It also provided that the trustees may register a charitable society under the society jurisdiction Act., with object of trust which all assets or some of the assets or all income or some of the income of the trust may be transferred to such society.

11. The trustee, may frame rules and regulation concerning the duties, and responsibilities of trustees appointed by Chairman, appointing of sub-committee, made of conducting of any other matter connecting with the administration of the trust and its management.

12. Any trustee who become a bankrupt, involves, himself against the interest of the trust, lunatic, involving moral turpitude or neglects to take interest, continuously for a period of more than six months or is physically incapacitated shall cease to be the trustee of the trust.

Any trustee may retire or giving notice of one calendar month in writing of his/ her intention to do so.


The Chairperson shall nominate the future Chairperson of the Trust during his life time and there after the trustee Shall elect the chairperson among themselves and the office of such elected chairperson (other than the life time chairperson) shall be for a period of three years.

The Chairman of the trust shall nominate the managing Trustee Joint Managing Trustee Secretary / Treasures among other trustees.

These trustees in future can induct or appoint new trustees for a period, which they think, is fit


The ordinary trustees in future shall be nominated / appointed by the chairman from time to time. The ordinary trustee shall retire by rotation in every two years and are eligible for reappointment.


Meeting of Trustees: Meeting of Board may be held whenever it is required to do so. An emergency meeting can be convened on a shorter notice by the Chairman. Any decision taken by majority of the trustee including Chairman shall be varied and binding on the entire trustee. In arriving at a majority decision in such board meeting, in the event of tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


Notice of every meeting of the trustee, with the agenda of business for the meeting shall be sent to all trustee at least five days before the date fixed for the meeting unless in case of emergency The settler / Chairman may in his sole discretion invite any other person or persons to the meeting of the Board as he may things fit.


Minutes Book shall be maintained in the off ice by the Chairman or by any person authorized by Chairman. Minutes of all meetings, appointments, entry into the office of every new trustee and all other proceedings of the board of trustee shall be signed by Chairman of the meetings either at the conclusion of meetings of at the subsequent meeting when they are duly confirmed.


The Chairman is in power to alter the rules of the trust in manner not inconsistent with the objective of the trust. If any objects, in whole or in part, is found to be repugnant, or inconsistent with any of the said provisions as are applicable on relevant date, such objects on provisions shall be deemed to be non- existing to the extent of such repugnancy or inconsistency and if any of the objects of trust is found to he invalid on the ground of vagueness or any other reason by a competent authority, it shall be deemed not to have included in the objects of trust so as to affect the validity of the trust.


All these powers of trustees prescribed herein of the trust deed shall be exercise as to ensure that the income of the trust other provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. The investments of records would be maintained in accordance with Income - tax Act and rules thereon. Such objects on provisions shall be deemed to be non- existing to the extent of such repugnancy or inconsistency and if any of the objects of trust is found to he invalid on the ground of vagueness or any other reason by a competent authority, it shall be deemed not to have included in the objects of trust so


The Chairman shall have power to nominate person in the advisory board who shall any render valuable services and advise.


The term trust property sha11 mean and include the said gift of Rs.1000/- set apart by the author and further Grants, donations, contribution of money and / or property movable or immovable that may be made by the founder or by others from time to time.


The trust hereby crated shall be irrevocable and its duration perpetual and permanent subject to other residuary clauses of the deed.